6 signs your website is outdated

1. Unable to accommodate your needs

A small business may often find that as it grows, its website is no longer able to accommodate its needs. We update your website design to reflect your growth.

2. Not responsive

If your website is not optimised for use on mobile devices, it’s long overdue a re-haul. In fact, it’s a necessity if you want to stay competitive. We develop website which are compatible across all devices.

3. Stale content

It’s not just the look and feel of your site that contribute to whether it’s dated. Your content needs scrutinising, too. If your latest news article talks about last year’s Christmas party, your content needs working on to keep it fresh. This is also beneficial for search engine optimisation.

4. Slow to navigate

If your website is becoming slow and cumbersome to navigate, perhaps your systems are incompatible with new browsers, which might affect functionality. Slow navigation is a turn-off for users, so check the speed and ease of navigation of your site. We ensure our clients websites are updated with the latest technology.

5. No tie-in with social media

If your website is devoid of social media share buttons, you’re falling behind the times. Having a tie-in with social media on your website is a great way to increase awareness of your site, and boost your SEO profile. We manage social media campaigns to build brand reputation for our customers.

6. Outdated aesthetics

It’s not always easy to be specific about why a site looks outdated, but you just have a sense that it’s no longer on-trend. Often, it can be unfashionable choices of fonts, colours or text size, or even be about how you use white space. Generally, website design should be freshened up at least once a year, contact Website SA to keep you website trending and current.