2018 Web Design Trends

What’s going to be hot for websites this year?

Let’s see what 2018 web design trends your website should have to be trending with the best around

1. Bright & bold minimalism & engaging photographic content

Simple will never go out style, and with advances in monitors, color saturation and brightness, minimalism will never be boring.    

minimalism bold and bright 2018 web design trends

2. Illustrations and animations

Illustrations set a tone for a brand and enhances content. Logos, backgrounds, and menus become animated, which means better engagement.

animated 2018 wed design trends

3. Polished web applications

The tools keep improving with affordable technology — from basic personalisation to advanced analytics. 

website applications 2018 web design trends

4. Interactive content

2018 will be the year of interactivity. Consumers crave a more personalised and entertaining experience when it comes to how they connect with brands. 

interactive website content

5. More video, fluid shapes and use of gradients

Videos are no longer just something to watch, they are now becoming part of a brands presentation and communication. Expect to see video content in multiple areas of a website.
video live streaming trends
It’s a wonderful time to live in. Let Website SA make your web experience even better.