International brands may no longer advertise with Facebook and Google

Some international brands are currently threatening to remove ads from Google and Facebook if they don’t make a conserted efforts to police extremist and illegal content.
Reason being, consumer trust in social media is now at an ALL TIME LOW.
“We cannot have an environment where consumers don’t trust what they see online,” say many brands.
International brands don’t wish to continue to support the online advertising industry where extremist material, fake news, child exploitation, political manipulation, racism and sexism were rife.

As a digital media advertiser you should:

  • Not invest in platforms that do not protect children or create divisions in society
  • Only invest in advertising platforms that make a positive contribution to society
  • Tackle gender stereotypes in advertising
  • Only partner with companies promoting a responsible digital policy.

The discussion over how online platforms tackle unsavoury and extremist content is not new – it has been rising in volume over the last few years.

“Facebook and Google’s response to fake news, brand safety and content prompted by hate or extremism has been very slow,” several analysts on eMarketing have said in the digital media industry tech giants seem to have swung the power balance in their favour, and that the balance needs to be redressed.

If you are currently advertising on major digital social media platforms – be wary and also consider the possible erosion of your brand in time to come.
Going forward, your website continues to be your tried and tested, fail proof means to advertise your business digitally. You can ensure your brand is not associated with sensivite/extremist material while your remain firmly in the driving seat of your company’s digital advertising policy.